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Guild Formation 9/7/2010

Neepre, Sep 7, 10 12:04 PM.
Welcome to the Birds of Prey (City of Heroes Going Rogue) website!

Group formation is 9/7/2010.  This supergroup includes various Heroes and Vigilantes with a feminine touch.  Assuming the cause is a good one serving justice or honor, we can be hired out to fill ranks in Task Forces or Parties.

9/8/2010.  Formed Coalitions with Funseekers of Paragon, Global Avengers, and Twilight Black Ops.

9/9/2010.  Midnight Canary, Noomi and Feral Vixen have successfully infiltrated Praetoria and are currently doing reconnaissance on Tyrant.  Hepzibah recently joined having left behind the life of a rogue.  Unfortunately, she uncovered a plot involving doubles and is now finding out more for us.

9/10/2010.  Hepzibah found Protean and stopped his influx of clones.  Her good clone gave her life to help protect Paragon.  A mysterious letter held a clue to greater forces at work however.

9/11/2010.  Katie Hanlon freed from the redcaps.  Lady Elixir reached Hero status and joined the Birds of Prey.  Appears the clone/duplicate problem is widespread as Magmee and Lady Elixir have run into doubles of themselves running around also.

9/12/2010.  Event cancelled for Task Force, perhaps next time.

Birds of Prey is currently recruiting the following:
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